1917 New Era of Communism [black] [red]

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Genre: Travel, Tourism, Propaganda
Title: 1917 New Era of Communism
Year: 1970
Artist: VS Pechenkin
Size (cm): 60 x 85.5
Country of origin: Soviet Union / Russia

The Russian battlecruiser “Aurora” played a significant role in the storming of the Winter Palace in Petrograd, beginning the 1917 October revolution. It’s no surprise to see images of the ship commemorating the event, and this imaginative design has to be one of the very best – “Aurora’s” bow is used to make the 5th point of the symbolic red star of Soviet Russia, simply stunning.

Designed by VS Pechenkin and printed in 1970 this is a survivor of the 23,000 print run. The poster is unbacked & overall the condition is reasonably good given it’s age, but it does carry a few scars – battle damage if you will. There are two small punctures inside the upper horizontal edge, one in the white border area, the other in the black, both visible in the poster photo. Neither disfigure the poster & both have been stabilised on the rear side with light, acid free archival tape – images available on request. In better condition, or after conservation this would be priced more aggressively.


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Dimensions 85.5 × 60 cm

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