BOAC Flies To All 6 Continents [green] [summer]

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Genre: Travel / Tourism / Transport
Title:  BOAC Flies To All 6 Continents
Year:  1953
Artist:  Abram Games (1914~1996)
Size (cm): 64 x 101.5
Country of origin: UK

Acknowledged as one of the true greats, Abram Games was responsible for some of the most iconic graphic designs of the twentieth century. Modernist and often surreal, his work appeared fresh, innovative, and sometimes controversial – Games’ WW2 1941 poster, “Join The ATS” (The Blond Bombshell) poster banned for fear it conveyed the wrong message.

Having won the competition to design the logo for the Festival of Britain in 1951, Games produced several prestigious posters for BOAC which share a similar style. Owing to his association with the Festival of Britain, Games remains tied to the sense of optimism, innovation and modernity the festival  sought to promote in post war Britain. Much of his work typifies the very best of the crowded, catch-all phrase “mid-century modern”.

The poster is in great condition: un-backed, the edges are straight and complete, the colours rich and vibrant. One small nick/teat along the lower edge has been stabilised on the reverse side with a small amount of archival tape. This is an exceptional poster.


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Dimensions 101.5 × 64 cm

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