C.W.S. Marmalade (strip #1) [blue] [orange] [summer]

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Genre: Food & Beverages
Title:  C.W.S. Marmalade
Year:  c. 1920~30s
Artist:  unknown
Size (cm): 24 x 52
Country of origin: UK

The Co-operative Wholesale Society can trace its roots back to 1863 in Manchester. The CWS name was changed in 2001 & the company is popularly known today as the Co-op. The organisation was sufficiently large to have its own graphic design department and this poster was one of the results of the in-house design team.  The names “Middleton, Reading, & Acton” were the location of the factories which were turned over to war work during WW1, only returning to CWS after the war. Based on this, and the logo shown, the posters can be dated to the 1920s~30s.

The poster has some age related spots which can be seen clearly in the blue area and has been priced accordingly. It has been professionally restored, cleaned and backed on Japan paper and still looks amazing. The contrast between the blue and the bright, warm orange is exceptionally effective. This would be a lovely piece to see every morning in a kitchen over breakfast.


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Dimensions 52 × 24 cm

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