CIRAGE CRÈME ABEILLE [yellow] [summer]

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Genre: Fashion
Title: Cirage Crème Abeille
Year: c. 1950
Artist: Maroc
Size (cm): 68×93 [excluding the linen backing:62x88cm]
Country of origin: France

This 1950s poster for Abeille wax polish is absolutely stunning. The colours remain bright and vibrant, the detail of the bee clear and distinct. It carries the artist’s mark “Maroc” and along the bottom left the inscription “Réalisation Studio IMPRIM”. This is the “portrait” poster, a “landscape” version was also produced.

The colours on this poster are bright and strong. It is in good condition and is offered linen backed. A small part of the top left corner is missing, and there is a tear in the orange background above the right wing which has been expertly repaired. Overall, it looks fantastic.


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Dimensions 93 × 68 cm

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