Concorde [white]

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Genre: Transport
Title: Concorde
Year: c.1969
Artist: Theo Page
Size (cm): 61 x 101.6
Country of origin: U.K.

Concorde, the world’s first (and only) commercially operated supersonic airliner, flown by British Airways and Air France. Concorde first flew in 1969 and this poster dates from that year, produced by the Daily Telegraph newspaper and featuring the technical drawing skills of Theo Page.

It’s an interesting poster, giving details of the provisional number of orders (74), plus the livery of some of the various airlines considering adding Concorde to their fleet (16). This of course pre-dated the changing economic circumstances caused by OPEC’s rise of oil prices in the early 1970s & the later noise and environmental considerations which reduced the number of viable routes overland. Regardless, Concorde remains a marvel of engineering excellence and national pride, well captured in this poster when the outlook was more optimistic.

The quality of the poster is surprisingly good. It has never been folded and is complete and free from creases, folds, nicks and tears. It does look as if it’s been displayed as the ink has a slightly “washed” look but nothing to detract from the overall appearance. In the upper right corner some dirt has become ingrained into the paper but to a degree that impairs. Detail images available on request.


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Dimensions 61 × 101.6 cm