Japan Air Lines: Japan

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Genre: Travel & Tourism
Title: Japan Air Lines: Japan
Year: c.1959
Artist: Shoen Uemura
Size (cm): 62×100
Country of origin: Japan

This poster was printed by the Mitsumura Publishing Co. Japan and issued by Japan Tourist Association (1959~64) on behalf of Japan Air Lines. It is significant that it pre-dates the introduction of JAL’s famous Tsurumaru crane logo, registered as a trademark in August 1959.

The poster depicts a feature from Uemura Shoen’s exquisite “Jo no Mai” (Noh Dance Prelude) from 1936. The image is intended to convey the message about their service: exquisite attention to detail is the central theme. It has been a recurring part of several JAL advertising campaigns.

The poster, printed on heavy card, is in good condition. It has spent time rolled and shows some creasing as a consequence. There are small nicks and two very small tears along the white border which do not reach the main image. All these minor kinks could be corrected by mounting. The colours remain bright and strong.


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Dimensions 99 x 62 cm

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