Le Chateau de Windsor

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Genre: Travel & Tourism /  Transport
Title: Chateau de Windsor
Year:  1913
Artist: Constant Duval (1877~1956)
Size (cm): 74 x 104 (incl. linen backing: 78 x 108)
Country of origin: France

Dated 1913 and designed for Chemins De Fer de l’Etat, the design uses an idyllic image of Windsor Castle and the River Thames to promote the Paris~London rail/ferry route via Dieppe and Newhaven, operated in conjunction with the London Brighton & South Coast railways. One of a large number of designs undertaken for the French rail companies by Duval, the obviously English setting attests to the commercial importance of  cross channel tourism even in 1913.

Produced between 1910 and 1937, Constant Duval is famous for his series of rail company posters which typically featured France’s natural and historic monuments. Duval’s pioneering work is considered some of the very best from this period and is often as highly sought after as that of Roger Broders.

The poster’s condition is as one would expect for an artefact this age. It has been backed on linen but has come into contact with water whilst rolled at some stage as the left side border exhibits stains. Although it has reached the margins of the poster, fortunately the impact is mainly on the backing material. Elsewhere the colours remain strong and the edges are straight and complete with no paper loss. Earlier the poster has been folded as a central crease is visible but the effect has been minimised by the conservation process. Finally, the poster has an official stamp stating it can be displayed in stations or offices managed by the company or its agents – a nice addition to an exceptionally nice design.





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Dimensions 108 x 78 cm

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