Mardi Gras [green] [summer]

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Genre: Travel, Tourism
Title:  Mardi Gras, New Orleans February 23 1982
Year:  1981
Artist:  after Leonetto Cappiello (1875~1942)
Size (cm): 63.5 x 99.7
Country of origin: USA

This is something of an oddity: the image is one of the most famous designed by Cappiello for Maurin Quina in 1906. A large poster, it is rightly highly collectable & highly priced, a real gem. Here, it has been re-used in a 1981 design, replacing the original “Maurin Quina” text with details of the New Orleans Mardi Gras festival. The font is identical.

Unlike the countless copies and reproductions of the 1906 poster, this is a “real” poster, designed & produced for a commercial purpose promoting a specific event. It is not however and original Cappiello. That said, the original from 1906 costs thousands & perhaps this is an economic compromise giving access to those without plus size budgets or very large, empty walls.

The poster is in very good condition. Printed on gloss paper (very unforgiving if creased or buckled) there are a few minor marks but nothing to impact on the overall impression. It does look rather good.


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Dimensions 99.7 × 63.5 cm