Paris 1937 International Expo

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Genre: Travel Tourism
Title: Paris 1937 Exposition Internationale
Year: 1937
Artist: E.Beaudoin & M.Lods
Size (cm): 40×60
Country of origin: France

Perhaps one of the most romantic posters of the City of Light.

This is a wonderfully ethereal poster; skywriting above, the city below, lit with fading blues, pinks and whites. It is an almost dream-like image. The artists, Beaudoin & Lods were architects who entered the competition to design one of the posters for the 1937 Expo as an aside to their architectural work. With this evocative image they won. It is poignant to note, they never produced another poster.

This is the smallest version of the poster. The tags for the Ministere du Commerce and the printer, Jules Simon, run along the bottom edge. The poster has been folded lightly with no holes of loss of paper where the fold meet. A Conservator would be able to minimise and flatten the creases effectively. The edges are in good condition, free of any nicks or abrasions and the colours remain bright and strong. Overall it is in very good condition.


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Dimensions 60 x 40 cm

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