Porsche “Arrow” 1956 [blue]

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Genre: Auto
Title: Porsche: Always Ahead
Year: 1956
Artist: Hanns Lohrer [1912-1995]
Size (cm): 28×42
Country of origin: Germany

This poster is unsigned but can be identified* as a design by Hanns Lohrer, considered one of the pioneers of post war graphic design in Germany.

Lohrer’s designs stepped away from the impressive list of races and trophies won by Porsche in the 1950s. Instead Lohrer moved the poster design towards the notion of “lifestyle” and the statement owning a Porsche would convey about the driver. In this regard, the posters often omitted to even feature the car, a bold and progressive statement for the design industry in the 1950’s attesting to the strength of the underlying product. This 1956 poster is for the Porsche 356, the company’s first production model. Considered a design classic, the 356 was succeeded by the equally iconic 911.

The poster is original and rare. It was produced on stiff card for use by Porsche dealerships and race promoters. The poster has sustained some damage which is restricted to the margins. It has been professionally cleaned and mounted with a protective acetate sheet lying above the poster. It is in remarkable condition.

Although small, the strength of design and the iconic brand make this mid century magic.


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Dimensions 41 × 28 cm

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