Smirnoff Vodka (Tomato)

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Genre: Food & Beverages
Title:  Smirnoff Vodka & Tomato Juice
Year:  1975
Artist:  uknown
Size (cm): 33 X 50.8
Country of origin: USA

Smirnoff & Tomato Juice, the second of a set of 4 Smirnoff Vodka posters produced in 1975. Curiously, the copywriter has chosen a quote by American writer Elbert Hubbard for the tag line with a clearly implied message: smart people drink vodka. It’s a nice idea but whether Hubbard did or did not favour this brand of vodka is sadly lost to history.

The poster is in good condition, complete and free from pin holes. There is a small crease in the lower right corner. The colours remain bright and vivid. Either as a stand alone poster, or with the other 3 posters from the set, this is a nice piece of mid 1970’s advertising for one of the most famous vodka brands with a lineage dating back to Moscow 1864.


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Dimensions 50.8 × 33 cm

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