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The United Nations Fight For Freedom

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Genre: War Propaganda
Title: The United Nations Fight For Freedom
Year: 1942
Artist: Steve Broder (1906~1992)
Size (cm): 56×71
Country of origin: U.S.A.

Historically significant, this poster marks the document signed by Great Britain, the US, the Soviet Union and China on Janaury 1st 1942, and the next day by a further twenty two countries. It became known as the United Nations Declaration and formed the basis for the UN founded three years later.

This poster, designed by Steve Broder & commissioned by the US Office of War Information, was the nineteenth poster distributed by the OWI. A simple but effective design, the poster shows the national flags of the founder countries alongside the head and extended arm of the Statue of Liberty – a potent symbol of the allied cause in WW2 and statement of intent for the postwar period. Aside from one small nick along the bottom left corner, the poster is in excellent condition, folded as originally sent out by the OWI in 1942.


Out of stock

Dimensions 71 x 56 cm

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