They all Fly to Geneva

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Genre: Travel & Tourism
Title: BEA: They All Fly to Geneva
Year: 1965
Artist: Walter Mahrer
Size (cm): 64.5×100
Country of origin: Switzerland

The jet- set; tourists, skiers, bankers, and the individually wealthy, “They all fly to Geneva”. True in the late 1950s and still the case today.

Apart from his work promoting Geneva as a holiday destination, Mahrer produced a number of posters to promote travel to Geneva with an emphasis on Jet travel, regarded as the norm today but new, novel and glamorous in the 1950’s. This poster features the Comet, world’s first jet airliner, flying above.

This is a rare poster, unbacked and in very good condition. It forms part of the collection in the Swiss National Library


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Dimensions 100 x 63.5 cm

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