TWA London #2 [twa]

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Genre: Travel & Tourism
Title: London Fly TWA Jets
Year: c.1960
Artist: David Klein
Size (cm): 64 x 101
Country of origin: U.S.A.

Another of Klein’s wonderful modernist designs for the “Fly TWA Jets” series. First commissioned by TWA in the mid 1950’s Klein’s early designs showing the propeller driven Constellation were updated with the advent of the Boeing 707 which appeared in silhouette from the late 1950’s.

The poster is in good condition, free of any foxing or other marks or blemishes. There is one small tear along the lower edge but this would not be visible once the poster was framed and laid under a mount. It is a great addition to Klein’s TWA posters and a nice reminder of time spent in one of the world’s leading cities.